Witold Kilijański


Witold Kilijański is the President of the Management Board of NewDataLabs – the only company in Poland 100% focused on the implementation of Tableau technology (the most innovative tool on the Business Intelligence market), co-creator of many implementation projects.


Witold is a graduate of the University of Economics in Wroclaw (diploma in 1995 with honors), from 1995 professionally deals with software for enterprises – initially ERP and HR systems (in 1995 – 2002 he worked at TETA SA where he became a member of the Board).


From 2002 to 2016 co-owner of CONTROLLING SYSTEMS – a company specializing in creating and implementing IT solutions, supporting controlling and increasing the efficiency of the organization.


From 2015, President of the Board and co-owner of NewDataLabs – a company dealing with facilitating work with data and implementing Tableau technology supporting the One Page Reporting and Data Discovery approach. Thanks to this, even large and complex data sets can be easily and efficiently analyzed and presented in a form that is understandable to the Users. Importantly, the solutions proposed by NewDataLabs do not require their users’ specialist IT knowledge. NewDataLabs is the only Polish Tableau Partner focused 100% on the implementation of this technology, and the only Gold Tableau Partner in Central Europe.


Author of many publications on data analysis, reporting and visualization, lecturer at universities, as well as a speaker at numerous industry conferences. Witold Kilijański’s articles are systematically published in the professional media (mainly CONTROLLING and ACCOUNTING ACCOUNTS), as well as free time, he also conducts classes with students. His hobby is skiing, mountain and canoeing, and above all … cooking.

Witold Kilijański

Chief Executive Officer (CEO ) in NewDataLabs

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