About the Congress

Now it is time to take action!

CFO of the future, controller of the future is a strategic partner, business advisor who is increasingly involved in relations with external stakeholders, sees the results achieved through an ethical lens, communicating the results not only from the financial perspective, but taking into account other perspectives, such as: community, environment and future generations. In addition, the subject of agile financial management is becoming a global trend that modern finance and controlling teams take up today. Changes in business models towards service models (servitization) also determine the direction of development of controlling processes in enterprises. These trends are accompanied by total digitization, increasing efficiency and implementing modern IT tools.

That's why now is the time to act! Due to global trends, during the 16th ICV POLAND Congress (CIA 2022), we take up the challenge of discussing issues important for the future of finance and controlling, such as agility, sustainable development, servicisation and digitization, and sharing our experiences with each other.

Wondering why you cannot miss the 16th Congress of ICV POLAND (CIA 2022)?

Take care of your future, learn how to use and face future trends in finance and controlling. The congress is addressed to both CFO financial directors, controllers, financiers and managers.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO): develop effective controlling processes that fit into future trends in finance and controlling:

  • What new controlling and management methods are used by the best companies?
  • Why is sustainable development a "must have" today, and not just an attractive accessory?
  • What does agility, sustainability and servicing mean for finance and controlling?
  • Should you invest in digitization of controlling processes and "the only source of truth"?
  • Which of the technologies of Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning, BIG DATA can increase the effectiveness of controlling?

Controllers and financiers - are you prepared for new trends in finance and controlling:

  • What is agile finance and why is agility becoming a priority?
  • How does servitization change business models of enterprises and what is the role of controllers and financiers?
  • What competencies to develop so that the value of controlling is not questioned by managers in the future?
  • How will Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning, BIG DATA technologies change the profession of controllers and financiers?
  • Why is the combination of technological competences with social competences so desirable today?

During the 16th ICV POLSKA Congress (CIA 2022) you will receive answers to the above questions. You will gather the necessary information and learn how to develop controlling processes in the new digital reality. You will learn about the best achievements and technologies that companies use today and you will meet valuable professionals.

What can you expect?

During CIA 2022, we will combine four topics: firstly, we will take up the topic of agility in finance and controlling necessary to deal with a business situation, defined as VUCA, secondly, we will discuss the need to include sustainable development (Sustaiability) in finance, and thirdly, we will talk about the megatrend of servicization (Servitization) and changes of business models into service ones, and finally we will cover all these topics with modern information technologies (BI, AI, ML, RPA, BD, AA) that improve the work of financiers, controllers and managers around the world.

World-famous speakers (including from renowned European universities and consulting companies), representatives of companies using innovative technologies, inspiration, exchange of experiences, integration and networking - these are the aspects that we place the greatest emphasis on.


World authorities in controlling and management

Dr. Rita Niedermayr

During the 16th ICV POLSKA Congress (CIA 2022), Dr. Rita Niedermayr, Member of the Board of the International Group of Controlling, co-author of the book Controller Competence Model - A Guideline for Modern Controller Development with Model Competences Profiles, will perform. An international expert in controlling, finance and accounting as well as strategic enterprise management. He is the editor-in-chief of the CFO aktell magazine. Since 1990, Managing Director at the Controller Institute, and since 2018, he has been an Associate Partner at EY Management Consulting. During the Congress, Dr. Rita Niedermayr will present the issues of sustainable development (Sustaiability) in finance.

Marie-Luise Lehmann

The topic of Agile in controlling and finance will be presented by Marie-Luise Lehmann, a pioneer in this area. She is the founder of the Finance Goes Agile think-tank and co-leader of the expert working group "Agile Controlling" at the International Association of Controllers (ICV). I am currently working as a Senior Finance & Performance Manager at Deloitte Consulting in Germany. He is also a speaker and lecturer on agile finance at conferences and universities.

Stefan Tobias

The co-managing of the think-tank in the International Association of Controllers (ICV) - Stefan Tobias - Managing Partner of the Competence Center “Controlling & Finance” at Horváth & Partner GmbH will tell us about servicization. He has extensive practical experience and has implemented projects related to the transformation of finance in several international capital groups. In addition, he has carried out projects related to the design and implementation of controlling processes and strategic analyzes in corporations all over the world. His speech entitled: "Controlling of Servitization - only new KPIs or do we have to think and act differently?" will be an excellent inspiration for Congress participants showing the essence of controlling processes in business models based on servitization.


Today, most managers know and use the acronym VUCA, which describes the current business situation of most organizations, characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Financial directors (CFO), controllers should not only analyze the current situation, but also prepare for the future. So the question is how to deal with VUCA. One important answer in the last few years has come in the form of the "Agility" imperative.


Speaking of sustainable development in finance today is a necessity, not an insignificant addition. CFOs and controllers need to get serious about this topic. Today, everyone understands the concept of corporate social responsibility, and meeting today's needs without depriving future generations of the possibility of satisfying them and caring for the human environment becomes the highest priority.


One of the topics that companies have to deal with after overcoming the crisis is changing the business model. Servitization is an increasingly widespread entry into service-based business models, especially as digitization becomes more widespread. The evolution from a traditional product offering to a service offering has far-reaching consequences for companies and their business models. There is a reason why servicisation is also referred to as an innovation in the business model. As a result of this megatrend, controlling and finance will also have to face new challenges. But what will they be?


The current crisis situation has clearly shown that modern IT tools are needed that allow for quick scenario analyzes and effective processing of large data sets. Managers understood the need for comprehensive digitization of the "one source of truth" and for ensuring the quality of master data. All this makes technologies such as Predictive Analytics (PA), Business Intelligence (BI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) not a distant future, but today they are a strategic point of interest enterprises.

Join us during CIA 2022

Save the date for 10-11 October 2022 and take part in the 16th ICV POLAND Congress (CIA 2022). Join the community of professionals for a special congress in Poznan. It is the biggest event of this type in Central and Eastern Europe. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Learn about the best and tested solutions

Hear 12 inspiring, multimedia lectures.

Exchange experiences with over 250 practitioners during networking sessions.

Choose the most important topics for you out of 6 thematic sessions:

  • Digital Future and New Reality
  • Business Intelligence – trends and modern concepts
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and automation
  • Advanced cost and profitability management systems
  • Excellence in reporting design
  • Self service Business Intelligence

New reality of finance and controlling UNCERTAIN BUSINESS, DIGITAL FUTURE

The congress lasts for two intensive days filled with the key issues related to the development of modern organisations:

  • Controlling and Crisis
  • Business Partnering
  • Digital Future
  • Uncertainty
  • Competence models
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Future of work
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Machine learning
  • Big Data

No other congress on management and controlling in Poland is as important and opinion-forming.

Małgorzata Podskarbi
Board Member at ICV GLOBAL