About the Congress


In the era of digitization, the key factor in the competitiveness of companies is the early recognition of the potential of digitization and the continuous adaptation of the business model. Companies that do not see this need or recognize it too late must take into account the risk of withdrawal or even elimination from the market. The ICV Congress is practical and is a great place for CFOs, CFOs, controllers and financiers, as well as for managers who can see in what direction controlling and finance should develop and what role controllers and financial departments should play in the era of digitalization.

On the one hand, the dynamic development of digital business models, subscription models, servicization, the rapid expansion of online platforms, the sudden emergence of digital start-ups and the use of artificial intelligence (AI), on the other hand, automation, robotization (RPA) and centralization of financial processes in service centers (Shared Services Centers - SSC) is today's reality and a challenge for controllers and financial departments.

Digital Momentum

Digital impetus is also an opportunity to build new teams of the Human + Artificial Intelligence type, which may start to dominate in the near future and quickly gain a competitive advantage not only in professional life, but also in private life.

Flexibility, customization and quick adaptation to new functions and tasks is crucial for the world's financial community. The greatest fear of humanity today is not to lose relevance and to be excluded! This also applies to business and work.

During the 17th ICV POLSKA Congress (CIA 2023) we will talk about the most important current trends in the field of digitization, management and controlling, which have a significant impact on the development of every modern organization. We invite a wide range of CFOs, Financial Directors, controllers, financiers and managers as well as all those interested in the future of business and the future role of controlling and finance in enterprises.

Why can't you miss the 17th ICV POLSKA Congress (CIA 2023)?

Take care of your future, learn how to use and face future trends in finance and controlling. The Congress is addressed to CFOs, financial directors, controlling directors, controllers, financiers and managers.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO): develop effective controlling processes that fit into future trends in finance and controlling:

  • What new methods of controlling and management are used by the best companies?
  • Why reporting standardization, personnel controlling and sustainable development are topics that should be of interest to a modern CFO?
  • Should we invest in the digitization of controlling processes and the "only source of truth"?
  • Why is sustainable development today a "must have" and not just an attractive addition?
  • Which of the Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning, BIG DATA technologies can increase the efficiency of finance and controlling?

Controllers and financiers - are you prepared for new trends in finance and controlling:

  • What can digitization give you and how can it change your work?
  • How modern, digital technologies can translate into both your company's and your personal success?
  • How does digitization change business models of enterprises and what is the role of controllers and financiers?
  • How will Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and BIG DATA technologies change the profession of controllers and financiers?
  • Why is the combination of technological and social competences so desirable today?

During the 17th ICV POLSKA Congress (CIA 2023) you will receive answers to the above questions. You will collect the necessary information and learn how to develop controlling processes in the new digital reality. You will learn about the best achievements and technologies that are used by companies today and meet valuable professionals.

What can you expect?

During CIA 2023, we will combine four topics: firstly, we will take up the subject of standardization and visual optimization in management reporting, which is necessary to deal with the problem of reporting the growing information resources of enterprises, secondly, we will discuss the need to professionalise personnel controlling, which becomes necessary for better personnel management and thirdly, we will talk about sustainable development and ESG reporting, and finally we will cover all these topics with modern information technologies (BI, AI, ML, RPA, BD, AA), which improve the work of financiers, controllers and managers around the world.

World-known speakers (including from respected European universities and consulting companies), representatives of companies using innovative technologies, inspirations, exchange of experience, integration and networking - these are the aspects we put the greatest emphasis on.


World authorities in the field of management, controlling and finance

During the 17th ICV POLSKA Congress (CIA 2023), Prof. Dr. Rolf Hichert, President of the IBCS Association, creative mind and frequent speaker at international conferences. It will address the topic of International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) and show why standardization in management reporting is important. We will also find out what are the latest trends and challenges facing the management reporting process and in which direction the IBCS Association is conducting its research work on the IBCS standard.

The subject of personnel controlling will be presented by the international expert Dr. Christian Kreuzer. Currently, he is the Managing Director of Advisory Services EY in Vienna with a focus on corporate development. He is also the Managing Director of the Controller Institute. Dr. Christian Kreuzer will share with us his experience in the area of ​​personnel controlling, showing it as a process and will develop related topics of reporting, planning and budgeting as well as automation of personnel controlling.

Standardization and visual optimization in management reporting

Today, analysts, controllers and financiers must process huge amounts of data in a way that enables managers to quickly and correctly formulate the necessary conclusions. Therefore, the problem of report design is becoming more and more important, next to the substantive aspects. In recent times, both practitioners and scientists have devoted a lot of time to developing standards and best practices for designing reports optimized for perception.

Personnel controlling

Work-life balance, changing expectations of employees, the need to shorten the time of transferring competencies to new employees as well as gathering and retaining acquired competencies for the future are undoubtedly important areas on which personnel controlling focuses. On the one hand, the need to plan and monitor employee career paths on a very individualized level, and on the other hand, the desire to anticipate and react in advance encourages organizations to implement modern technologies in the area of ​​personnel controlling.

Sustainability and ESG reporting

Talking about sustainable development in finance today is a necessity, not a minor addition. CFOs and controllers need to start taking this topic seriously. Today, everyone understands the concept of corporate social responsibility, and meeting today's needs, while not depriving future generations of the ability to meet them, and care for the human living environment becomes the highest priority. Moreover, current and upcoming obligations to include ESG topics in reports pose a challenge for many organizations when it comes to understanding and appropriate preparation of input data for reporting.


The current situation shows that modern IT tools are needed that allow for quick scenario analysis and effective processing of large data sets. Managers understood the need for comprehensive digitization of the "single source of truth" and ensuring the appropriate quality of master data. All this means that technologies such as: Predictive Analytics (PA), Business Intelligence (BI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) are not a distant future, but today they are a strategic point of interest enterprises.

Join us during CIA 2023

Book your time June 19-20, 2023. and take part in the 17th ICV POLSKA Congress (CIA 2023). Join the community of professionals at a unique congress in Warsaw. It is the largest event of this type in Central and Eastern Europe. We are waiting for you!

Learn about the best and tested solutions

Hear 12 inspiring, multimedia lectures.

Exchange experiences with over 250 practitioners during networking sessions.

Choose the most important topics for you out of a few thematic sessions:

  • Digital Future and New Reality
  • Digital Finance and Controlling
  • Business Intelligence and Predictive Planning in controlling
  • Modern controlling
  • Digitalization in Finance and Controlling

New reality of finance and controlling UNCERTAIN BUSINESS, DIGITAL FUTURE

The congress lasts for two intensive days filled with the key issues related to the development of modern organisations:

  • CFO of the future
  • Digitalization
  • Sustainability
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Controlling
  • Business Partnering
  • Digital Future
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Machine learning
  • Big Data

No other congress on management and controlling in Poland is as important and opinion-forming.

Małgorzata Podskarbi
Board Member at ICV GLOBAL