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About the Congress

Controlling and finance in digital business models and shared services centers

The dynamic development of digital business models, the massive expansion of online platforms, rapid emergence of startups and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on one hand and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and centralisation of financial process in Shared Services Centres (SCC) on the other hand, is the reality and a challenge to controllers and financial departments.

New teams like Human + Artificial Intelligence may start dominating in the near future and may very quickly gain competitive advantage, in both professional and personal life. Flexibility, adjustment and quick adaptation to the new functions and tasks are essential for the global finance community.

Nowadays, the humanity’s biggest fear is the fear of being negligible and excluded! This also applies to business and work.

During the 13th ICV POLAND Congress we will be discussing the major and current trends in digitisation, finance, management and controlling that have a considerable influence on the development of every modern organisation. We welcome a wide range of managers and financiers and anyone who is interested in the future of business, the future role of controlling and finance in companies.

Exchange of experiences and the most advanced technologies

There are many challenges facing the management of a modern company. In the era of fast-growing technology, we have to continue to update our knowledge and follow the global trends. The exchange of experiences with the best practitioners from all over Europe helps overcome everyday challenges facing managers.

The 13th Controlling Intelligence Adventure (CIA) Congress is the most important event of the year during which experts share their experiences. Listen to them during lectures, talk to them during networking sessions and use the knowledge you gain to develop your career.

Manager + Controller = CONTROLLING!

During the congress managers, CFOs and controllers will have an opportunity to learn about the latest trends in corporate management and supporting tools.

Take part in lectures on the latest management methods and innovative financial tools.
Gain extraordinary knowledge, open up to new perspectives and get inspired by the successful managers and controllers from renowned and international companies.

Learn about the best and tested solutions

Hear 12 inspiring, multimedia lectures.

Exchange experiences with over 250 practitioners during networking sessions.

Choose the most important topics for you out of 6 thematic sessions:

  • Session A: Planning the future – an innovative combination of forecasting, planning and optimization
  • Session B: Advanced Analytics and business intelligence solutions
  • Session C: Robotization and automation of financial and controlling processes in the SSC and BPO sector
  • Session D: Future of Controlling and Analytics (translation to Eng.)
  • Session E: Controlling – process and competence models
  • Session F: Advanced tools and business intelligence systems
  • Session G: ICV Young Controllers Barcamp

Controlling and finance in digital business models and shared services centers

The congress lasts for two intensive days filled with the key issues related to the development of modern organisations:

  • Business intelligence (BI)
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Digitization
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Storytelling and visualization


Dr. Tomasz M. Zieliński
Managing Director
tel. +48 (61) 852 33 53
Maja Kramer
Board Member
Akademia Controllingu Sp. z o.o.
tel. +48 (61) 852 33 53
Klaudia Blicharz
ICV POLAND coordinator
Akademia Controllingu Sp. z o.o.
tel. +48 (61) 852 33 53
Marta Elimer
Trainings coordinator,
Akademia Controllingu Sp. z o.o.
tel. +48 (61) 852 33 53
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