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Why it is worth coming

More than 250 participants

Each year, the congress is a meeting place for prominent specialists, not only from the field of controlling and finances but also corporate management, sales and high technology. Meet business partners from all over Europe and open up to a global network of experiences.

Lectures presented by experts

The lectures that are inspiring and change the perception of corporate management. Innovative solution, new technologies and the challenges of the 21st century - these topics will be discussed by the representatives of the International Association of Controllers (ICV) and the following companies: Deloitte Digital, Zalando, Church&Dwight, Blanco, Microsoft, IBM, Carlsberg Shared Service Center, Oracle, ORLEN Laboratorium, FFiL Śnieżka, Amer Sports Financial Shared Service, ABB Business Services and many more.

A presentation given by Ralpha Treitza
- Managing Director at Deloitte Digital Germany

Come and listen to a visionary lecture entitled “Are you ready to accept the Artificial Intelligence as
a colleague?” - given by this year’s special guest - Ralph Treitz (Managing Director at Deloitte Digital).


“The negative assumption is that robots will replace people at work. The positive one is that they will enable us to perform tasks at a level we could not imagine.”

It is the first opportunity in Poland to meet and talk to one of the biggest experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, autonomic systems and agile development.

A presentation given by Matthias von Daacke
- Vice Chairman of the Board, International Association of Controllers (ICV)

Matthias von Daacke is a charsimatic manager and expert who has wide experience in international companies. He is the Vice Chairman of the Board of the International Association of Controllers (ICV). Come and see the presentation entitled “Get ready for YOUR future!”. Matthias also has extensive practical experience and is a Member of the Board and the Head of Controlling in the BLANCO Group.

He has over 25 years of experience in management in companies in different sectors. Previously he worked as a manager and controller in the automotive industry, including 3.5 years as a CEO in the U.S.

“Lifelong learning is very important also for the controllers, especially with reference to digital competencies.”

Updates, trends and practice

Join us for the presentations given by the biggest experts who will share their controlling and financial experience in digital business models and shared services centres.

The subject of the speeches are:

  • Controlling and Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Business Models
  • Digital Platforms
  • Start-Up Controlling
  • Shared Services Centers
  • Cloud Computing
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Advanced Analytics

Subject sessions

The 13th CIA congress also covers 6 subject sessions in which you can participate. The topics during the sessions will be covered in great detail and from a practical perspective. We invited practitioners and experts to take the floor and discuss their fields. The subject sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Session A: Planning the future – an innovative combination of forecasting, planning and optimization
  • Session B: Advanced Analytics and business intelligence solutions
  • Session C: Robotization and automation of financial and controlling processes in the SSC and BPO sector
  • Session D: Future of Controlling and Analytics (translation to Eng.)
  • Session E: Controlling – process and competence models
  • Session F: Advanced tools and business intelligence systems
  • Session G: ICV Young Controllers Barcamp

ICV Young Controllers Barcamp!

We also invite students of controlling to participate in the Congress. Please join us, meet them and invite the best ones to your company. Here at ICV, we believe that controlling is an profession with
a bright future and it is important to take care of the development of your professional career.

Consecutive interpreting

We invite controllers from all over Europe to exchange experiences from different countries. Thanks to bilateral, simultaneous Polish-English interpretation, you will easily understand foreign speakers.

Integration party and networking

The enormous value of our congresses is also the possibility to establish a network of contacts and integrate the participants. During the evening meeting we will organise activities and enable informal exchange of experiences.

Knowledge, experience, inspirations – these are important congress assets, however not the only ones. Competitive advantage is achieved also through an extensive network of contacts. Starting form the morning, the participant exchange business cards and join in the networking sessions and in the evening the exchange experiences and make contact in a less formal atmosphere. Come and see how you can benefit from them in the future.



Dr. Tomasz M. Zieliński
Managing Director
tel. +48 (61) 852 33 53
Maja Kramer
Board Member
Akademia Controllingu Sp. z o.o.
tel. +48 (61) 852 33 53
Klaudia Blicharz
ICV POLAND coordinator
Akademia Controllingu Sp. z o.o.
tel. +48 (61) 852 33 53
Marta Elimer
Trainings coordinator,
Akademia Controllingu Sp. z o.o.
tel. +48 (61) 852 33 53
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